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>avoiding women
Buddy I am not a chum user, I have an ex-wife of ten years and a current one of thirteen years, don't assume shit. It is individuated men who aren't living the hellish war of the sexes, who are part of the problem. You fuckin think Jared gets his balls beat by Ivanka? If you say yes is he stupid due to being a man or due to being a kike landlord? Did he choose that beat down? I innocently got married, not knowing what wiving, is. And yet, do I begrudge women for being the minks they are? Nope. But all the chumflow boards have mgtow faggotry telling men to be isolated individuated idiots, and what I am really saying is that these men let their women run pol in their local counties. My zone county and state are all run by women, totally leftist in policy. Gavin, topic of thread, is the nephew of nepotistic nancy.