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I wasn't assuming. I only wanted you not to go down that route because MGTOW grew from vile Rabbis. The jews know a society ran by women is doomed to collapse. That's why they push feminism worldwide. Rabbis are a male dominated title even though they're as feminine as choir boys. Judaism is a religion that is female-exclusionary, which was probably what gave rise to kike feminists. I doubt Jared Kushner lets Ivanka run him. He's a kike, and such a creepy fucker she'd probably be worried about getting chopped up and stuffed in a freezer. She's a kike and dumb as shit, since she believed in Assad gassing his own people.

I wasn't aware you were aware of MGTOW's subversive plots. We agree that women should not rule. That is what our societies have become. Pushing capeshit through Hollywood, lying that women are instantly capable of anything with no practice whatsoever. And then inexperienced cunts incapable of rational thought because the female mind is emotional, are placed in positions of leadership across industries, counties and some nations.