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"I expect this to be 2 months minimum, but look at Wuhan, where with a different political system it lasted nearly 3 months. It is important to remember though that we enacted our Safer at Home earlier than other cities that have been hard hit (both on the calendar and in terms of the number of cases per capita), so we will have to wait and see. In 1918, San Francisco declared victory early and had a second, very deadly recurrence of influenza deaths, so I will take the advice of doctors and public health professionals. One last point, it won't be like a light switch going on for everyone one day. I led a call of 50+ mayors from around the world on Zoom about a week ago and the mayor of Milan, my good friend, Giuseppe Sala, said that they will return some stronger, younger people (including those who might have already had COVID-19) return to work and be lifted from their order, while others who are older and/or more vulnerable will have to wait longer. I could see that being the advice given here too."