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These tracers will try to locate every person a coronavirus patient came into contact with, then test them and ask them to quarantine for 14 days.

Governor Newsom said Monday he wants to increase the few thousand tracers currently employed by the state to 20,000.

Currently, Sacramento has 35 tracers, but the goal is to increase that to 375 in a matter of weeks.

“This is all foundational so that we can more quickly move to modify our stay-at-home order,” Governor Newsom said during his daily press conference Monday.

Online contact tracer academies, sponsored by UCLA and UCSF, start Thursday. Officials say tracers will get 20 hours of training and hopefully be out in the field next week.

Karen White with UCSF is organizing one of these academies. She said the job can be tough because tracers are asking people to do something they probably don’t want to.