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Again we agree. I am not talking as much, letting the data-as-dots form the picture. Here's some data.


It is thought that the metabolism of proliferating cells is adapted to facilitate uptake and incorporation of nutrients into the biomass needed to produce a daughter cell; i.e., aerobic glycolysis is necessary, both in terms of energy and biosynthesis, for cellular proliferation (Lunt and Vander Heiden, 2011; Vander Heiden et al., 2009). However, cells such as dendritic cells switch from OXPHOS to aerobic glycolysis upon TLR-induced activation but do not proliferate (Krawczyk et al., 2010). This observation suggests that aerobic glycolysis may be necessary for pathways other than, or in addition to, those underlying proliferation. Therefore, we sought to unravel the requirements for OXPHOS and aerobic glycolysis in T cell activation, proliferation, and effector function.