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The original SF patient who died of heart rupture, cardiocels rotting, combined with .pdf above re: made me look into

Photograph of a heart showing perforation of the walls Large scale anatomy of a heart damaged by chronic Chagas disease

In the acute phase of the disease, signs and symptoms are caused directly by the replication of T. cruzi and the immune system's response to it.[2] During this phase, T. cruzi can be found in various tissues throughout the body and circulating in the blood.[2] During the initial weeks of infection, parasite replication is brought under control by production of antibodies and activation of the host's inflammatory response, particularly cells that target intracellular pathogens such as NK cells and macrophages, driven by inflammation-signaling molecules like TNF-α and IFN-γ.[2]

During chronic Chagas disease, long-term organ damage develops over years due to continued replication of the parasite and damage from the immune system.