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I won't forget the day I tuned into local radio weeks ago and heard my governor put it in words that will not go respoken.

Governor - "So now we are stepping up 'Contact Tracers' and doubling them from 350 to 700"
Questioner on the line - "What will that mean when it comes to early release for prison detainees?"
G. - "Um...can you repeat the last of your question?"
[This goes on for two times, him battling a way to not answer the question, until someone speaks up in the room that is listening and answers him a final time before he decides to spill his word salad spaghetti]
"We are working with the state prisons to release them through compassionate care and--"

Here is the words that were spoken when it comes to seeing new cases instead of those with the virus.

"Well, numbers are numbers!"

THERE YOU HAVE IT, FOLKS. The number of people under mass hypnosis are what they are after. The number of unemployment increase, the number of compliant, subservient useless idiots, as well as the numbers of those voting illegally this upcoming election season, state and national.