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>I'm not sure what their game is.
It's just a symbol of the "white man" being replaced. The same as "raycists" statues being torn down by Marxists. While many use them, jews especially prefer those labels. In the old days of unity of races, even of immigrant Europeans in America, jews struggled to subvert because they're outnumbered by the millions. Kikes have consolidated their "power". Their main desire has always been the elimination of indigenous and displaced Europeans and the rise of what they believe is "muh Chosen race".
>This bill being changed isn't going to change history
They've already changed history. School books don't tell the truth about kikes having owned the ships, the ports, nor show images of jews selling negros in newspapers. The blame for "muh slavery, muh reparations" falls on the "white man" as a blanket to guilt trip every European race. All of this of course you already know. The issue is that most North Americans don't. Most "white boys" and girls grow up not even giving a damn about their ancestral background. If you ask what's their ancestry, the majority are confused and say they're white. Meanwhile, the brown skins talk shit our whole lives, blaming muh slavery on us. All because of jews controlling the narrative.