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>So, will the CDC ever change and be honest after all of this is good and over?
That's highly doubtful.
>Who should we take medical advice from regarding the pandemic?
Stock up on products with vitamins C and D, polyphenols and quercetin. You'll be fine.
>Is the WHO ok to trust?
Apparently not. Particles between .04 and .20 of a micrometer penetrate (medical) surgical masks. .08 to .14 is small enough to get through. They always have been splash guards to keep potential hazardous bodily materials out. The best surgical masks do is reduce viral loads. Cloth masks (and the cheap disposable Chinese throwaways retail employees wear) do absolutely nothing tangible but make people feel safe who fell for it. Your own lungs filter better than those do. The WHO is still recommending social (physical) distancing. Again, virus particles hang in the air up to three hours and you're going to walk right into them. Social distancing only has the same function as cloth masks, making people feel safe. Both that and cloth/retail masks are placebos.