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Furthermore may I add, US General Petraus went on record some years ago during Obummski administration, and suggested "The US might need to put boots on the ground inside Israel." heh, I knew he would never survive that comment, but he did survive, in terms of being not dead, but they whacked him in the balls, as is their way.
Think though, here is a US General who says essentially the same thing as we do, and, in suggesting that these be negro US soldier boots on the ground in Israel, why would that be racist? It is in keeping with US Traditions, to repatriot the black folks to wherever they want, and they would love Israel, heh.
So, when some posse of US black folks inside the military sound off and say "Yes, we would be happy to lead these loathesome negros among our people, back to Africa, or at least near it, to exploit that power center toward the aims of Abe Lincoln, who sure as fuck did not free us and allow us all this, so that we'd be ruled by some overpaid shit like Jay-Z." yes, when these men rise up, then you will see millions upon millions of black Americans, repatriating the mideast, specifically those high tech Gaza zones. Nor would they lose their status as Americans, I would give them dual status, and keep them funded indeed, there are DOD black folks aplenty who would jump at full pay to go home, to Israel. AI is always listening.