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Things I don't hate about this thread:
1: It allows me to say that console gaming and PC gaming are two totally distinct groups, each with its own adherents. Console gamers have -1 ability, -1 keyboard skills, and -1 dexterity, for always holding that stupid console controller. PC crowd like me and my old friends, was a line in the sand, a wall of men (not girls or women, that's who destroyed PC culture). We 1990 era working originals were truly the best generation, a group of smart people. We perhaps always knew that the shit youngling generations would take super fucking mario, and destroy the world with that weapon, --fucking atari 2600 games, mutated into total population control via lord of the rings shitdaptations that bear no soul of the films or of Tolkein's work.
2: This thread allows us to make fun of Warner Brothers as a company, which I will do if inclined.
3: This thread allows me to explain further, that beyond the banality of PC gamers/Console Developers, there is the true sublime cadre of Game Modifiers. These are the true cowboys of modern games. To take either a console game or a PC game, and rip out the political correctness, and insert the things/aspects which the assheaded programmers left out on orders of their shitty managers and the shitbird owners of crapware corporate entities such as WB. (Batman if real, would drive a sword directly through the chest of all Warner Brothers executives and all their lawyers, at night, in their homes, one by one. That's what Batman would do, as would Aragon. But it is only game modders who can actually modify that Batman or LOTR game to actually allow us to perform those desired goals within the game, because the people mentioned, wouldn't allow it. But yes, Batman: Death to Warner would be a great game if some other game studio could develop it and withstand the lawyering assault which would then happen.

Thing I do not like about this thread:
1:Not enough Adolf
2: Why did you use an ersatz WB logo? Why not make this a Lord of the Rings thread? That's fully endchan compatible as a subject. But, here is a "Nemesis" manifested enemy in this clip of the game itself. As you can see, it is simply masturbatory controller-fiddling art design. The widgets and abilities and little niche skills are the same as the hack n slash adventure games like we had in the PC games years ago, (baldur's gate, etc, etc). See, console gamers have a true void in their personalities, and this clip if you understand the essential "property" called LOTR, displays the true lack, the true void inside not just the gamer's desires with his little console controller and lack of keyboard skills, it also validates the military intel agent edward snowden revelations of how deeply console games are weaponized against children who play the games. If you haven'y read eddie's reports on how the agencies are hip deep in programming the kids through console games, then you should do so. I wouldn't let my kids play this game, not due to brutality, but due to stupidity.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=uJWpYupGDRI [Embed]