Geroge Fnoyd Got Counterfeit Money From His Killer, Evidence Suggests Tardus 03/31/2021 (Wed) 18:09:32 Id: 310f8e No.17471 del
I am posting this to this thread because of all the shitbird 'lawyering' about "George Fnoyd", there are two facts that lawyers will never admit, and which makes this a larger case, suitable to be ignored under the RICO laws, which never get used, and are a testiment to how lousy and horrible, lawyers are.
1: Chauvin knew Fnoyd well, they were associates in something (fake money used by cops to reward dirtbags)
2: Fnoyd tried to pay with a counterfeit 20, he was just a stupid link at the end of a chain of mopes.
I am not a lawyer, but if you message me through the endchan irc chatroom, someone there will forward your question to me, heh.
Check link below on the m1 money supply, this means how many printed dollars are out there, there are also m2 and m3 matrixes these differ silghtly but the message is clear, the dollar is a tool for criminals more than for good people. Yet, the ruble and chinese dong have been rolled over more than a dead dolphin. So, all paper money is jewish fraud, let us agree on that.

...and here is an CNN article explaining how these fake Fnoyd dollars are all over our banking system, literally allowing dumbfuck shecklite home flippers, to be sheilds for actual chicom homeflippers.
[cnn shitlink omitted]
Ellen Coleman had never received so many offers on a house in her 15 years of selling real estate.
She listed a fixer-upper in suburban Washington, DC for $275,000 on a Thursday. By Sunday evening, she had 88 offers.
"The offers just kept coming," she said. "I felt like Lucy with the chocolates. I'm thinking, 'This is just out of control.'"
Of those 88 offers, 76 were all-cash, said Coleman, who works for RE/MAX Realty Centre. There wasn't even enough time for all of the bidders to visit the property. She said 15 offers were sight unseen.
The four-bedroom, 1,800 square-foot home sold for $460,000, nearly a 70% increase from the asking price