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>There's no whine in both instances. Nor there's any defense. I'm not defending anything.
Typical. Linder was right. Lets look at where there's "no whine" and "no defense" even in that post.
>If someone is selling shit, and then you fucking buy it.
>Why don't you possess the same intelligence like the people who's never ever owned any slaves when it was accessible to them?
>That was my point.
When? When did I buy negroes? When did my ancestors "fucking buy it"? Here's a tip: They didn't. Kikes held the majority of ownership. The reason it's a problem today is now America is filled to the brim with descendants of those slaves as jews are pushing race mixing all across jew owned social media. BLM and Antifa hand in hand murdering innocents in riots over cops killing criminals.
>Then 100 years later some faggot is bitching about jews sold him shit.
Simply put: I didn't buy shit slaves, my ancestors didn't buy shit slaves and I don't fuck mens' assholes. You lied because you're obviously not complaining about just the video. You're bitching about my post predicting the invasion of Israel by negros.
>You bought it. What's the deal here?
This is where you arrived ITT a month and a half later to bitch about slave advertising by American kikes. "What's the deal?" This information is not taught in schools. On the contrary, Gentiles are being blamed our entire lives for what kikes did, selling the negro. Yet you're doing the same in pretending it's non-jews faults, passing the blame.
>You're that fucking retarded so shut the fuck up
Confirmed for furious someone dared to point out jews sold slaves. That is a mad jew defense.
>Not to any negro claiming ownership of Israel which sounds like another retarded farce.
Already explained this. You're clearly defending Israel. You had no reason to express outrage other than defense of kikes or their stolen homeland. Not a single attempt to refute the fact that you are a jew because that is what you are. The way you debate alone besides your attempts at defense revealed it. Kikes' slight of hand distraction pilpul forms of argument only work on brainwashed sheep.
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