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Tech man here.
TL;DR: The internet is mostly reliable, however, soycaff devs end up using unreliable services such as cloudflare (or in this case fastly) to solve problems they create in the first place.

The problems:

- The web wasn't made for this.
HTML webpages are meant to be documents, now people are making "web-apps". This is a shit idea and involves pain for everyone involved. You can drive a screw into wood with lots of effort, but you should be using a nail.

- Monopoly enforcement.
You *could* compete against facebook, but they will DDOS you to shit if you try, same for amazon, and any other big company. Any competition is bought, or dirty measures are used to kill your page off. There is no free tech market, this is a lie.

- Webpages weigh a lot, they're like fat american whores who eat too much, and give excuses for it too.
You know they could be thinner, but sugar is addictive.
Webpages use all manner of unnecessarily large and inelegant frameworks, and bloat up webpages to take up more space than they need to; you could deliver the actual useful content you want with simple html and minimal css. Here's the typical reasons this goes to shit:

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