ENDWAR 3 NOW WITH ROAD RACING Tardus 07/21/2021 (Wed) 17:47:05 Id: e12443 No.17711 del
Damn sorry for lack of coherence above. Reads terribly like some monkey typing on a keyboard. Oh wait science tells me that's all I am, right? Heh.
Seriously though for reals, we need ENDWAR 3 before we need this game.
And, I want this game or whatever, to be woven into ENDWAR 3 because how the fuck do the maps have no noncoms no civillians no humans running away that you lose points if you wound or squish? See, that's real life.
So, in ENDWAR 3, coming this Christmas from Ubisoft,
You can race cars around the map and achieve gross mayhem and assist the victories.
Road racing meets mad max, how exactly? Well, perhaps tires, are the real weak spot, gaming realistic tires means you may as well have npc getting out to change a flat or use the car as cover.
Ah yes, probably my favorite game ever in its sector, "Full Spectrum Warrior" comes to mind here. One must carry one's wounded buddy out of the shitzone, to the casualty evacuation point. Which, might IRL be the spot of a struggle/skirmish itself.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=TwQtZ5WzYH4 [Embed]