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>Why would you say this about a kike movie?
I cannot help it if the jews like a roach, run toward sugar. Analgously speaking. I must discuss sugar. I care not if it's a pile of festering roaches climbing all over it, scatter them and underneath is the sugar. Now can we say that Jews ran and ruined Hollywood? Yes. But as I have said many times here, I am gonna refer to hollywodd shit, and do memes and shit, on that hub, and if 90% of the spokes are jews, it's still a wheel and essentially, one cannot ever hope to alter the film/media of their nation without taking into jhand, that which the jkews have already called their own. Skewering them with their own pen so to speak. I understand you will not like anyone celebrating jewish work as such, and I sgree, that jews came to rest upon the essentiual questiuon of how to rebuild "an wasteland", does not in any way diminish the essential maths of how and with what, that fate which all humans will face, can be fought. MINESHAFTS ARE NOT ALL JEWISH AS SUCH, heh.

Okay but here I would post the "Funeral oration of rabbir reichhorn" which I know has been posted here by me before, I had a deleted thread on it. In the oration for some dead rabbi, Rabbi Reichhorn espouses many evil ways of the jew but "We will use our daughters as shjoes, to capture men in power of nations we wish to capture" really stood out in my mind, the idea that these men guide their daughters into alliances.

I am posting these three pics for commentary, but also to answer your fine points just a bit.
JFK was who got the northwoods plan, to fly planes into buildings, he was the one who did not want Israel to have nukes.
The jews behind his killing are the jews behind the northwoods plan are the jews who did 9/11 are the jews who run DHS.
Marylin was a fine fine cooze, who could easily have gotten a JFK baby, but they killed her when she made that threat, she was of course, a monica type, but way hotter.