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Rather than bump the doge thread I will paste this here.
If you try to tell the average person or bitch in HR, in 1995, that "Me and all these good white males will be removed from the IT sector and the tech will be shat upon over 25 years, while corporations will eventually pay some filipino man 600 USD per month to do that IT job and he will quit that job to play a nebulous crapware game on his slabfone, to earn the newest chits, in order to scrape along with his family in a Christian land like the Phillippines." No one would have believed you.
So, in a lot of respects I see from the above, a truth being that it's not enough that jews don't shoot rainbows out of their asses, because if they would just be honest and stop lying, they might somehow come to understand what they are. I mean literally in the book they themselves press forward, the bible, Jesus calls them to their faces, "the sons of the devil the original liar", and "a roaring lion seeking to devour persons" so think about that, they fully invoke others to materialistic self destruction and of their nation, but then they haul forward the book that both is the tool and the item with which they would/will be skewered.
In the bible, Joshua and Moses raise up a serpent on a staff, which heals the people. Today as well we see many serpents huddled at the base of the cross, writhing around it, squeezing it for money. Lots of money pours from the base of the cross as these boas and cobras and adders and mambas and also grass snakes and food for other snakes, all writhe warmly and snugly around the base of that cross. A snake on a stick, is what Joshua built, and he made the people of Israel gaze onto it if they wanted to live. Just some thoughts.
Bloomberg highlighted a player from Manila who in his first two weeks of playing Axie Infinity earned more than 37,000 pesos ($732), or three times what he would have earned at the IT job he was laid off from in July.
The game has some detractors, however. Vanessa Cao, founder of venture-capital firm BTX Capital, told Bloomberg the Axie model is unhealthy and unsustainable, with people spending hundreds of dollars upfront to play.