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I thought I should add here that the virus exists as it is because there's a furin cleavage site insertion in SARS-CoV-2's spike protein which promotes infection and cell to cell fusion. So we take the fact that Israel was aware mid-November 2019 and combine this with the awareness Covid-19 was clearly made in a lab, as novel insertions are more common by Virologists than the average person is aware. Add in a dash of jewish pharmacy companies profiting from over $18billion in taxpayer money from the U.S. alone from the vaccines. Pfizer has reached $29 billion in supply deals, Moderna $11.3 billion, Johnson & Johnson $12.59 billion.

Global deaths have reached 5.1 million. This whole kikes getting revenge for believing a Psych Warfare hoax while profiting is getting pretty close to their favorite number '6 million':