Colleges and Drug Lords New Pimps For Corporate Kings? Tardus 11/20/2021 (Sat) 18:02:02 Id: 2fa936 No.17919 del
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Who said faceberg is trustworthy? Judge the data.
Chans are shit, we have understood this years ago at endchan. end: chan.
Is that what this comes down to?
Magazine war? Because those shits you spoke of, are just shitrags of collegiate cowards.
Some of the medical magazines are good tho.
Essentially the colleges are the worst loan sharks that exist, and you know that. Stimulate what you want, CDC holds up landlords, okay, but stop those school loans getting paid, and hooo boy will the shitwinds blow. Now that a good percentage of the 'so called professional class' who sat on their stupid asses through both Obama regimes and now this one, are finally getting the kick in the ass that yuri bezmenoff said they needed. "Until he feels the boot, literally on his bottom kicking him, he will not admit. You can show him [gulag in his country] still he will not see until the boot comes to kick his bottom." - ex KGB yuri paraphrased my me.