This is the United States of ZOG Reader 03/29/2022 (Tue) 05:49:10 Id: 0ec5a3 No.18242 del
U.S. residents treating people well? Not a snowball's chance in Hell, friend. Ukrainian migrants are in for a major culture shock. That is, a complete lack thereof while what's replacing culture is absolute depravity. Some have asked on Endchan before, "what is white?". Here in America, white is considered an ethnicity encompassing all displaced Europeans and also kikes whenever convenient (but jews only use it to say "white people bad" then back out whenever they want). You ask any random caucasian what their race is, they'll typically answer "white". Say no, I mean your ethnicity, your ancestry. They'll say again, "white". They do not know what they are. They do not care what the bloodline is of the thousands of souls who died that they may exist. Zero culture. As for depravity I mentioned before, imagine an entire nation of the Frankfurt school. Everything on this list. Male roles reversed. Women on the rag in charge everywhere being absolute cunts. The few men left in charge lack masculinity because that is "toxic". Men are expected to be feminine, in touch with their emotions, sympathetic. Pathetic. A man with a take charge mentality disgusts the average American because most are high on Feminism, Social Justice bullshit and "everything's racist". Homosexuals and trannies meanwhile, are "brave".

The U.S. merchandise is by vast majority imported from Communist China. Products discovered by those who live here and decided to pay attention, will say "Made in China" anywhere from furniture to clothing, other household products and even the American flag. American driven cars are foreign, aside from those who have a Dodge, Jeep, Ford or Porsche. Chevrolet - South Korea. Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru and Lexus- Japan. GM and Cadillac - China. Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi - Germany. Volvo - Sweden. Honda - South America, Africa and the Middle East. Ferraris from Italy. Land Rovers from England. What professions are left, with most manufacturing produced overseas? Shit jobs. You either go to University for 8 years and obtain your Masters degree because a Bachelors isn't worth anything and an Associates even less, or you work hourly unlivable wages. Those jobs for Masters degrees are the ultimate in corporate corruption. The health industry, law, stockbroking, finance, but mostly sales which is glorified telemarketing phone pestering. As for wage slaving, illegal immigrants crossing the border only think this is the "land of opportunity" until they arrive here, struggle to find work, then labor their entire lives until they're elderly, realizing the whole suggestion was propaganda. I've seen geriatric hispanic women shaking, struggling to push carts because they're unable to retire. Mexican men are immature and insane until they die. Mexican women are horny and overly fertile until they die. So the United States is flooded with them, but that's not all.

We have the blacks left over from the Trans Atlantic slave trade where jews owned the ports, the ships and the newspapers that sold their ancestors but they'll still blame anyone under the "white" label because most lack awareness. No matter the neighborhood- lower, middle or upper class; their melanin skin requires the sun for Vitamin D so they're outside all the time. Blacks are bad attitude prone because they're raised that way. They scream at each other until the early hours of the morning when they're not blasting rap music which has been around since the 70s so don't expect age to stop them from blaring it at 3am. The only way to talk to any black person is to be just as bickering, bitter and belligerent. Respect or calm and rational doesn't get respect. Blacks will view that as a weakness to exploit, not unlike a predator spying the weakling in the herd. Then there are the mixed. Mulattos, part kikes and half beaners. Part caucasian, sometimes kind, but never truly European because they're at constant war with their other halves. The Bitch comes out. Negative fights with the positive and always wins. The United States may not be third world. It is a Hell hole.