Sacramento Mass Shooting: 6 Killed, 15 Injured As Gunfire Erupts Near Capitol Building Reader 04/04/2022 (Mon) 02:55:18 Id: 3a676e No.18260 del
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Police in Sacramento said at least 15 people were shot, including six deceased. The mass shooting occurred in the city's downtown district in the early morning hours of Sunday. Sacramento Police tweeted the shooting location, at the intersection of 10th and J Streets, down the street from the California State Capitol Building. A video posted on Twitter allegedly shows a fight broke out. Then moments later, gunfire erupted, along with the sound of rapid gunfire. Another video shows the incident area around 0300 local time with a large police presence and the capitol building in the background. Some say at least 50 rounds were fired in a matter of seconds. At least one person on the scene said, "reports indicate a person in a car pulled out an automatic weapon and started shooting into a crowd gathered outside El Santo Restaurant & Ultralounge in the Downtown area of Sacramento." Police provided limited details about the mass shooting but said in a tweet that a "large police presence will remain and the scene remains active."