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America tends to stay the land of the blissfully ignorant as the majority let kikes turn them into brainwashed cucks. Disneyland is popular. Children beg to go there, which is disturbing as it has proven to be a haven of child star molesting sick fucks.

The executives are clearly bent on sexualization in the future. Karey Burke wants more "queer leads and LGBT characters". Latoya Raveneau admits to her "gay agenda" of "adding queerness" and no one was stopping her. Since it seems obvious you're immersed fully in the modern word-fucked world, I'll go ahead and explain. These are known as sexual orientations. Or at least they used to be before imbeciles started confusing each other with 63 and more genders while claiming at the same time that "gender is a social construct". You know, the bullshit that completely contradicts biology. Using Disney role model cartoons with sexual orientations is sexuality. "Only sexual abuse". You speak like the subject isn't completely fucked up. Here's from those linked articles you said you read.
>At least 35 Disney employees in and around Florida have been arrested and accused of sex crimes involving children since 2006,
>Other employees arrested over possession of child pornography or arranging to meet minors for sex
>include security guards, a costumer, a tour guide, a gift shop employee and maintenance workers.
>[Bella Thorne] stated that she was physically/sexually abused at Disney from the ages of 6 to 14 “all the time.”
>Michael Laney, the 73 year old ex Vice President of the Walt Disney Corporation was recently jailed
>for sexually abusing a 7-year old girl, while being accused of multiple other rape
>and sexual abuse cases against children.
>Jon Heely, who was Disney’s director of music publishing since 2000,
>was arraigned on charges of “lewd and lascivious acts” with a child.
>He was accused of sexually abusing two girls, one when she was 15 and another when she was 11.
>Disney hired the convicted child molester [Victor Salva] to direct the film Powder that he had written in prison.
>At just 11 years old, Nathan Forrest Winters

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