Do Good Content or Shut the Fuck Up Tardus 04/18/2022 (Mon) 08:18:57 Id: adbc24 No.18303 del
God dammit I didn't reply to the last youngling shithead who told me to calm down, you fuckin calm down you gimp, I don't fuckin know you and your content is whatever. You think you set some pace, if you think that think again you have nothing for content and this shit drags on and on and on forever. I fuckion axctually think chans are just mud and molasses.

I hate people who tell me to calm down **women and pigs say that to me EVERY FUCKINH DAY MAN EVERY FUCKIN DAY... And I haven'
t even been here to post shit and I make one post and you sound like a fuckin untalneted fuckin schoolteacher. Get fucked** Are you female, nameless control vector? I namefag so I can be bold. Years and tears of that. It is I who added all the supreme COVID content possible saving many lives. Now is the time for us to relish in our correctness not tuck balls away as you recommend. FUCK

what is the opposite of boldness? You would know. Not sure what the fuck anon gets us. IMO half of you are fucking agents with no chops. Anyone who tells me to calm down is a fucking idiot like I said cops and women and old ladies tell me that in my actual life. Do any of you actually fight this fight in real life? I wonder. And your words are the shitwords of a hall monitor.