"I Will Vote My Problems Onto The Kids" Confused Old Dumbfucks Reveal Tardus 04/20/2022 (Wed) 15:27:27 Id: 484bc2 No.18310 del
>Crips and Bloods are mostly-negro American gangs (with some hispanics) dedicated to being twats.

True but it is useful to clarify that it was originally a black gang called the bloods. When during the 1990s the spyshits decided to sell crack cocaine to inner city youts they named a new gang "the crips" or promoted some dude who already started that name, whatever. I also must add, this shit will not be discussed on TV. So, yeah, I live in CA and I pray for war every day. California has always been a rolling battle, only the negro and the spanitch seem to get that. Based on my understanding of things, the white race is number three at running the state, so it's Mexican/Spainitch, 2: Black Muslim/Crips/CIA 3: Whites

It is helpful here to mention the Robert Heinlein book "Friday", a lot of Californians have read his stuff. Not the shitty crip filled negro film which launched some agents careers in Hollwodd, I mean the book, by the author.

The book mentions "Californians have one fetish above all and it is VOTING. They will vote on every problem, they would vote on a tidal wave coming toward them." I am paraphrasing here, but the point is that it is hard to penetrate the trance state when on is kicking it in the beach or in their modern car with radio blasting on summer days. In the book, they elect an Indian Chief as Governor and when the shtf he runs away with the money or is killed, the public is never told. ...Another comment is that both Abe Lincoln and Gen. W.T. Sherman turned down the Governorship of Cali in their day. A nest of vipers fighting over a swamp they paved and built the capitol on.