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Also as Governor of CA I would immediately begin strategic talks with the Russians and the Japanese. The Japanese are incomparably unique and lovely, bold people. The Russians are white like me, and have a grudging and real respecty for their Japanese foe, and so I think a triad of power could rise therein. Everyone in our way wil be insignificant. I would leand of course the mighty destructive powers of the Ohio subs to the Japanese, true warriors and they would drive Mao and communist thiefs into the dust.

I would elevate the humble Christians and Busshists of the Islands like the Philippines and Thailand, and I would not harm the muslims of the Indonesia realms, good folk are there.
I would on the South, begin robust and high perspective talks with the wonderful Mexican people, who above all do not want the American War Machine that I would bring, to come upon them. I would explain that Russia and Japan want to help them develop their budo, to develop their excellent people. We would help them to rise to the tops of their mountains, where the barefoot people live, their greatest treasures. We would discuss the Jesuit and how he works, and we will elevate Christ as always among them. This would of course ripple through the Southern realms, as they are a gossipy and Christ loving people. Peace will descend upon the brown folks like the gentle caress of a kind father.

As for what we would do, well, I would encourage both kite flying and also sailboating, because the two go hand in hand. And, also, batteries and shit like that, is a false road. Kites, wind power, and boating, is what we pacific peoples, were meant for. I have a sailboat, and it is trailered and humble. I would say to all to follow my ways and perhaps bounde down the coast a bit, etc. I would say once we have our flotilla of small boats, we will then take over Catalina and the channel Islands on the same day. Not a blitzkreig, more of a sailkreig. AVAST YE MATEYS YEVE BEEN CAPTURED

Oh man can you imagine the fees we can charge for visits to the islands?? We''l be rich me shipmates!11 RICHH!!!