The Landlord Rents Space in The Jews' Empty Chest Tardus 04/25/2022 (Mon) 13:12:26 Id: f48a43 No.18323 del
What a sheckle sucking mope. Just like Godfather 2 and also Lord of War, Florida brighton beach bagels thinking they are smart. They smile they think they are so cute. My fucking trailer park was bought three years ago by a morrocan scumbag and his obama esque fake out of state wife. The RV park is now the hobby of the rich or the number crunching rent meatgrinder of the corporate brians. If you have land and real estate you are a person, in their minds. Like, in their minds, if you do not at least step like the jew, --even if you hate him as the arab CLAIMS to due, but in their minds, if you do not step and walk as they do, 'to fight them at their own game' then you are a stupid pofag.

I TELL YOU THIS: CHRIST LOVES THE POOR all he did was make fun of Judas because he was fronting and did not actually love the poor.

Arabs and all manner of dirtbag will also mimic the kike, as will dorky white man like this in total controlled drug state. Their sickeningly sweet smile is the signal that everything is okay with them. A white family thrown onto the sidewalks due to rent and it's an even bigger smile to them. WE MUST LISTEN TO THE PAST AND BRING HISTORICAL SEVERE OPPRESSION TO ALL JEWS AND LANDLORDS YOU HAVE TO PUNISH THEM AND ALSO THEIR MIMICS THE LANDLORD IS THE LADYBUG TO THE WASP OF THE JEW BUT BOTH ARE INSECTS