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But to call a jew a jew is exactly like calling a spade a spade — fighting words, my friend. Is there any greater insult you can hurl, I wonder, than calling someone a jew? And then Baddiel plays the innocent lamb: "Why have the jewish people been persecuted over and over again throughout history? Why? I never get an answer." That is so absurd it is presented without comment. "The authors of this commentary tease out the paradox that a book, claiming that jews don’t count, should appear after a sustained wave of allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party in which jews, or anti-jewish racism, have counted – to the virtual exclusion of others (Blacks and Muslims, to cast the net no wider) suffering from prevalent forms of racism and discrimination." Here it comes: the victimhood sweepstakes. The jew cries out, the African cries out, the Paki cries out, the Indians cry out, and the White man pays out — and suffers the death of a thousand cuts.

"He sees Jews as excluded from the Minority Ethnic collective of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) designation because they are mistakenly seen as privileged and therefore white. He redefines whiteness as safe rather than privileged or having a particular skin tone, and so thinks that he and other Jews are non-white, because of their deep insecurity, which is a recurring theme in the book." This is the bloodbath of the squabbling tribes we stupidly allowed into our countries; while we stupidly prohibited ourselves from any prerogatives — gave them the prerogatives –, and no sooner had we done it than they began to bash one another over the head to determine which tribe will feed on our blood through the most copious veins. In Britain things have gotten so bad in this regard that they created a commission to determine the various valences of each minority; it seems it was a jew-run thing as it absurdly made the jews (who essentially rule the UK) out to be the recipients of the most “oppression.” It was called the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission), but it might as well have billed itself as the death warrant for the White British.

"The EHRC report opened itself up to the observation that it had established a hierarchy of racism with antisemitism at the apex. The current leadership of the Labour Party responded with an action plan, that included instruction to all Labour Party members on understanding antisemitism from the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) before addressing any other discrimination."

Not that long ago a Black activist in America made a startling claim relative to Asians. The intelligent and relatively civilized East Asians don’t fit well into the oppression sweepstakes when it comes to being a “minority” in America. For this reason they always draw the indelible suspicion of the Blacks and the Browns, as these viscerally dislike anyone who is good at math and doesn’t go on random crime sprees for no apparent reason. What the Black activist said is that Asians shouldn’t complain that they are the victims of “Affirmative Action.” Then she dropped the bomb. She said were it not for Blacks, Asians would not even be in America. Of course she had a point. It was during the integration of Blacks and the granting of “civil rights” to Blacks when the American dam broke. It was the 1964 Civil Rights Act which led to the Immigration Act of the following year.

Indeed the latter law was seen at the time as “finishing the work” of “civil rights.” So, she said, without all the marching and all those fire hoses, the Yellow man would still be stuck back home. And her conclusion was that they should not get too forward with any demands for a meritocracy — Blacks come first in the queue, and will in perpetuity. All of this is just the various dogs paddling in the trough of advantage, feeding off the carcass of what is left of White America, eating and excreting and vomiting up what was once our children’s future. [continued]­