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The irony is that I originally altered that image the way it is because Angela Merkel the kike had won awards for opening the floodgates of Muslim (and African) immigration into Germany. It was posted on /pol/ years ago for that subject and reused now. The two women Tardus is talking about who were decapitated (Louisa Jespersen-Danish and Maren Ueland-Norwegian), that happened in Morocco and three Arabs responsible were given the death penalty, which in the United States of ZOG wouldn't have happened. They were Rachid Afatti, Younes Ouaziyad and Abdessamad Ejjoud. Those pieces of shit deserve death.

How did I know this? I have what seems to be a unique ability others do not have in taking time to find out exactly who is to blame. I have no fucking clue why anyone finds this to be a difficult task and instead just flat out goes off on the nearest person.

I'm 100% against Arabs flooding Europe as the homeland of my ancestors, Scotland, is suffering that as well. I don't seem happy to you, do I? Because I'm not. I can't simply pack up and move to Scotland away from the United States of absolute fucking degeneracy or I might be decapitated over there. Arab immigrants certainly are a problem. The (((ones who opened the floodgates))), however, are what must be focused on and removed or other attempts will achieve absolutely nothing. Try removing Arabs first, and kikes remaining will simply open up invitations for immigration over and over again. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq displacing Arabs for Israel is why the fuckers are everywhere they don't belong. So what am I pissed off about after all this? That's right, it's not Tardus. It's not Germans even though they've allowed their government to be infiltrated as pathetically as the US government has. It's not Arabs even when some decapitate women. Yes it's despicable and I hope they're murdered in retaliation.

Arabs wouldn't be there in the first place if it wasn't for jews sitting their asses down in positions of authority in our nations and telling those unwanted and unnecessary to come right in. My hate is for kikes because kikes always deserve it. Remove them, and I'd gladly join in to remove other threats, an easy task afterwards. No jews getting in the way, compromising Homeland Security, running the Feds, influencing through mainstream media for which they are the CEOs and crying bullshit all over social media. Arabs then, without any promoting their stay, would be simple to send back where they belong. The same thing goes for descendants of Africa since negroes were brought over on slave ships by kikes and then wailed for them to have more rights than everyone else. They get sent back home. Everyone deserves to be sent to their homelands without invaders raping and murdering their kind, but that is not the world we live in because of the jews.