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Good post.

So, what was done in 2008 by the slime of college loans, cops/agents and government agencies, by foisting that shitbird Obama and Communist twat Val Jarret onto us, seven years after the absolute kike fuckery of September 11, 2001, done by Dov Zakhim a rabbi for fuck's sake. So yeah I drove my car into Boston, rode my bike into the occupy zone. The fuckin Boston Fed building would be as simple as fuck to destroy. I thought to myself, "Is there even one person here who is real?" I saw every type of agent and tried to engage with them. The boilermakers/union guys, the hooded ducking away ghost fuckers, I tried to see if there was even one real person who would talk ot me or oppose me. You'd think it was a movie. I don't look offputting, just scary in a "This conversation is being watched by angels" sort of way and so people get all scared and sketchy around me when I try to pin them down on what they believe. I have said to my old useless male whitehaired neighbors that one day everyone will be hauled out of their homes, not for gun confiscation but to be forced on tot spot on pain of whatever, to STATE THEIR BELIEFS. It will be necessary from years of having kikes hold our heads under water, and lying to us, that eveyrone will want the freedom to be as non PC as they want. ...But I digress. Takeaway from Occupy was that Obama fucked over ansd lied to everyone and Timothy Geithner and Eric "Bag" Holder and all these shmucks are now silent little cornered mouses. Their necks itch every morning they wake up. Oh and my and my gal drove by the Providence Occupy a few times, they had a lot of tents and it lasted longer but really did not have the total bullshit vibrance of the Boston version. This ends my report from 2008.