The War on Fathers Tardus 05/05/2022 (Thu) 16:29:41 Id: ef224f No.18349 del
I see what you mean, and, I couldn't get through page two of this kike's introduction. I thank you for the book and will read it in time.
I do feel that kikes as such do wish to destroy good fathers, and, perhaps Alois was a good man who just believed in Gaolism (sheriffism/countyism for Amwer4icans) and we have many such men today. I would take Adolf's position from MK which is very tactful and imo honorable. If one reads MK I wonder at how they can be so hateful toward Adolf. It is weird how people have a sort of "vaccine type" mindset as to the text itself. I had to actually search again because I knew Adolf said not much in detail but wanted to confirm my memory on that, and it is so. "Battle of wills" imo is a very gracious term, I had a lot of hate for the culty Hebrewism "judah Christian society" that my parents raised me in, however it would always have been my job/responsibility as a soul, to be in that and see through that, so I learn over time not to begrudge my parents for their defeat by jews, I understand the tool jews have at their fingertips. It is not just Jews like maslow who occupy correct ideas (was maslow a jew???) but yes we need to understand our parents as human beings being suppressed on a world being infected by jews as roaches. I have great pity for what my parents went through in their families and it causes me to genuflect on that, and as usual, I arrive at a fine truth which is that Adolf fought these battles before us. And triumphed greatly.