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Imagine (if you never had the sort) a childhood friend who was always shy, too introverted to insult anybody. So much so he wouldn't agree about kikes being a problem because he's too meek to ever stand up for himself. Then imagine you died. Would that friend then shame the memory of your death by saying you're "inbred" in a published book but for everything else he respects you? I'm describing August Kubizek, but the "inbred" accusation was (((HR Trevor Roper))) rubbing his hands together as the sinister jew blended such an insult into the narrative. It stands out as a red flag in the overall story and doesn't make any sense for Kubizek to have said that. When it comes to insults towards Hitler: those are jewish obsessions. They haven't been able to stop for over 75 years since he left this world.

As for 'judah Christians', it's complete bullshit. The jews love to claim Christianity originated from them but kikes have zero evidence. You might've seen me explain this before. The oldest proof of the Old Testament is the Septuagint and of the New Testament is the Codex Sinaiticus. Both are in ancient Greek. There is no evidence of older Hebrew text versions of the OT or the NT. Also if you're talking about Abraham Maslow from the "hierarchy of needs", yes he was a jew. Now he's food for the worms.