This Shit's An Embarassment to All Youngling; One Would Think Tardus 05/12/2022 (Thu) 13:27:45 Id: d79320 No.18382 del
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Can you chanite fourchum tadpoles please summarize what the fuck the /v/ experience was, besides eventual and total faggotkreig?

I swear to God you fuckers use titties to make a fag point. If I post a video of naked swedish titties from 1980 which some early VHS perv took, and which are now golden and free on bitchute, I would be accused of posting the same smut as /b/ /v/ and all you IP hemorrhoid. BUT IN THE PAST OUR WORLD WAS WHITE and what you chan kike squids brought, is just total and pure leprosy for the IP network, you need to be purged, but, before that, explain what /v/ was, just for the record of endchan.