Reader 05/12/2022 (Thu) 14:54:21 Id: 0fcd28 No.18385 del
Women only destroy by assuming the roles kikes gave them. This third wave of feminism results in an imbalance of cunts assuming authority where God never intended (1 Timothy 2). Mary Sue whores are the modern capeshit, usurping powerful men, as Hollywood yidds are confused why movies bomb at the box office. In my own life I am surrounded by bitches in authority whom do not even have experience to govern, as their only qualification is squeezing a child out of their birth canal. They're cunts in business through stress of a role they're not biologically intended for and thus learning to be cunts towards their children. When a man speaks, a modest woman might agree in silence, but a woman without knowing her role blurts out bullshit. The most of these I'm used to is the bitch in charge overhearing a conversation not involving her so she yells out, "I don't believe you!" because she thinks she's the most important twat in the room.

Silencers are Hollywood. No gun sound can be reduced to a whisper. Suppressors and subsonic rounds still result in being loud enough to recognize - like dropping the old yellow pages.