Only 57 Republicans Voted Against Sending Billions to Ukraine Reader 05/13/2022 (Fri) 14:57:32 Id: ac1103 No.18394 del
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The plan to send billions more dollars into Ukraine to defend the fake jewish government was only opposed by 57 Republicans in the House. The plan received widespread bipartisan support because both parties are bought and owned for by jewish interests. Thomas Massie and MTG were among the Republicans who voted against the bill. This just shows what a joke the Republican Party is. The vast majority of Republicans voted in favor of looting the Treasury to support a bunch of jews and satanists who want gay dildo parades in Kiev. They are doing this while America is facing severe economic collapse. Republicans will probably be allowed to win the upcoming midterms, but when they get in, they’ll do little to anything positive and will just push for total war against Russia. In fact, if they do anything positive I’ll be surprised. They’ll just say Joe Biden is blocking them from doing stuff while pretending to oppose him.