Communism and Rothschild Terror Syndicate Use Twat Politics As A Weapon Tardus 05/15/2022 (Sun) 10:13:40 Id: d6086d No.18400 del
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GTFO my thread you fucking dingleberry of the web.
Some don't like it when I respond to you, I will be sageing these posts to reduce your exposure. We all know you are reading and typing that from a script. You hasbarats have been busily cutting and pasting that shit all over many forums, and you know that. Communists have fifty political parties and that is by design, to be a poool of shit. They then use twats like Val Jarret to front the womb crap of whores like Stanley (a woman named that by her father, Stanley the First) Dunham, who was probably semi retarded. Barry Sotero her bastard is who fronts every side group he can. Trans, Jew kosher labeling cartel, homo males, lesbians, etc, etc forever. The point is this IF YOU ADD TEN OTHER FLUIDS TO A GALLON OF MILK IT QUICKLY CEASES TO BE MILK!!!!