The Man's Username is Adolf Hitler Tardus 06/03/2022 (Fri) 21:45:36 Id: 8c1c7f No.18491 del
No I meant the untalewntwed chanmasters who shat up all my classic images so I can't post them anymore. The endchan shits who when we were on a run, destroyed their own imageboard. I was not referring to you, moderators of boards are not the admins, admins are who run the totally fucked up servers, as I work in IT, I know the difference. yes I like to mock shitheaded imagebboard operators they earn that every day ..I think you told us you work around a lot of cunty women all day maybe that's why you get upset, which I understand. Once again I walked down your hallway and you didn't like my swagger. BTW if I did get banned from here it would only be the same thing as GLP, lack of proper behavior, so, yeah if I am not careful with you, you might take your work rage out on me ha ha. Fuck GLP and fuck anyone who is a bitch. Now did I say you were a bitch, no, just sometimes bitchy, because of the cunts you work around. Me too.