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White House Unveils $400M More In Military Aid To Ukraine, Marking 15th Package:
Donbass Fighters Address European & US Taxpayers, Showing Trophy Equipment Seized In Lisichansk:
Russia will increase its gas supplies to Europe if a turbine necessary for Nord Stream 1 that is currently undergoing repair in Canada is returned, Reuters reported on Friday:
The West’s Ukraine proxy war against Russia is turning out to be a historical watershed… Russia’s 300-year relationship with the West is rapidly coming to an end… Russia is shifting its attention to the East and Global South… Russia’s gain is the West’s loss:
With Russian companies expanding trade routes to ensure the supply of much-needed goods, such as raw materials, to China and India, Russia has turned to “sanctions proof” trade routes, such as the cargo train setting out for India via a new transport corridor along the Caspian Sea basin through Iran:
Communist Trudeau's Nitrogen Policy Will Decimate Canadian Farming (Planned Mass Starvation Is Their Population Control Goal):
Canada has imposed sanctions on 30 citizens of Russia, including, among others, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, head of the Russian telecommunications watchdog Roskomnadzor, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, and Interior Ministry spokesperson Irina Volk:
As part of offensive operations, Russian invaders were attempting to gain control over the area of Vuhlehirska Thermal Power Plant, but Ukrainian defenders did not allow them to do so:
The Ukrainian troops again smashed the Russian invaders in Chornobaivka. After the morning strike, explosions are heard — the enemy’s ammunition is detonating. This was reported by speaker for the Odesa regional military administration Serhiy Bratchuk on Telegram:
Ukrainian Colonel Grigory Glushchuk was reportedly killed by Russian forces, as reported on Friday, July 8:
Russia amassing troops on Ukraine border as it prepares another offensive: