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MY COMMENT ARCHIVING FROM MINDS: I will no longer be posting on! They either deliberately shut off my account access, or some spook compromised the password and changed it! THAT CURRENT ACCOUNT IS NOT ME ANYMORE! I will be moving to another (not to be disclosed) alternative service!!!
A fresh study on the global impact of a nuclear war has concluded that any conflict would plunge the world into darkness, cause temperatures to plummet and wipe out much of the world’s sea life:
Lavrov scolds G7 leaders, Putin's speech signals the end of neo-liberal world order: [Embed]
As Inflation Ravages America, Even Costco Is Raising Food Court Prices:
List of American food production facilities deliberately sabotaged for planned mass starvation, subjugation and social credit score ration roll outs:
Globalist agenda: Wars, famine and digitization to pave way for Great Reset:
TWO TO TANGO! A large facility in Almelo owned by Picnic, a Bill Gates-funded grocery delivery company that uses electric vehicles, has suddenly caught fire in the dead of night:
US Government Fully Compromised & Corrupted, Top Down:
Zelensky Orders Military To Retake Southern Ukraine:
The artillery duel in Ukraine’s east shows no signs of slowing as troops gobble through thousands of 155mm rounds every single day:
Russian forces secured the town of Bohorodychne. Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue near Seversk and Dolyna:
Ukrainian defenders have successfully repelled an enemy assault on Krasnopillia and prevented Russia’s another attempt to conduct an offensive on Marinka, Donetsk Region: