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Russia gears up for mass production of Sarmat ICBMs:
The Russian military has published the names of five people who it identified as British and American citizens on their way to join the Ukrainian forces. It warned that they could be captured and tried as mercenaries or even end up dead if they follow through on their plans:
Latvia to ramp up defense spending and reintroduce draft over Russia-Ukraine war:
The use of American HIMARS multiple rocket launchers allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine to increase the range and accuracy of strikes and, as a result, effectively destroy dozens of command posts of the Russian army and ammunition depots. The occupying troops 'reserves' have drastically decreased, and this situation threatens them with 'slipping' in the combat zone:
The Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted crushing losses to the Russians during the operation to liberate Snake Island. In particular, they damaged the Admiral Essen frigate:
The north of the Donetsk People’s Republic remains the hottest battlefield in Ukraine. Russian-led forces are slowly approaching the Savyansk-Kramatorsk region in an attempt to surround the Ukrainian grouping. Amid fierce clashes, Russian pressure on Ukrainian forces in Slavyansk from the north is increasing. After prolonged clashes, DPR military officials declared full control of the village of Bogorodichnoe located on the right bank of the Seversky Donets River west of Svyatogorsk. Ukrainian forces were also repelled from their positions in the resort area of the Blue Lakes, in the area of Krasny Liman:
Ukraine Military Summary And Analysis 7/12/22: