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China On Verge Of Violent Debt Jubilee As "Disgruntled" Homebuyers Refuse To Pay Their Mortgages:
Booking for the transit of Russian gas via Ukraine remains at the level of previous days and months, while Europe is in the third day without Nord Stream gas, and a 50% drop in wind-power generation and another accident at a field in Norway have exacerbated the shortage in energy:
Russian energy giant Gazprom said Wednesday it could not guarantee the good functioning of Nord Stream and did not know if a "critical" turbine engine would be returned from repair in Canada:
A noted British economist and personal finance expert is sounding the alarm that citizens will face massive — even “cataclysmic” — energy bills this coming winter that could surpass £3,000, or more than $3,500 per month:
Prepping for the Upcoming Government-induced Food Shortages:
The cost of potatoes, rice, fish, pasta, meat, etc. has increased in Africa too:
Sri Lankan bakery shelves empty amid massive food shortages:
Putin And Biden Head To Middle East As July 22 “Doomsday” Looms:
Russian forces wiped out a platoon of US M777 howitzers in the Kharkov Region in their special military operation in Ukraine, Defense Ministry Spokesman Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov reported on Thursday:
Ukraine troops shot down an enemy kamikaze drone Chekan made in Belarus in the southern direction. Such a single-use drone flies under the operator's control and can drop 3 kg of explosives on the target:
Ukrainian forces took out yet another Russian general in a massive counterattack in Kherson, local authorities said Tuesday:
Overview of Russian Strikes on AFU Positions in the First Half of July:
Ukraine Military Summary And Analysis 7/13/22: