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Ukrainian Mother Speaks Out After 6-Year-Old Daughter Killed By Ukrainian Shelling:
On July 14th, the Russian Aerospace Forces struck objects in Vinnytsia and the region with high-precision long-range missiles. According to preliminary information, the targets of the attack were military facilities adjacent to the House of Officers of Vinnytsia, where the formation of Ukrainian Territorial Defense units was carried out. At least 20 people were killed, including civilians. Three children were reportedly killed. 52 others were wounded:
Russian rockets have hit the two largest universities in Mykolaiv. Vitaliy Kim, head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration, said this on Twitter:
The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed Russian forces' headquarters and barracks in Nova Mayachka, Kherson region, late on July 15. Over the past few weeks, the Ukrainian military has destroyed 16 sites where Russian forces set up their barracks and ammunition depots:
Russia’s operational pause largely continued, with limited Russian ground assaults along the Slovyansk-Siversk-Bakhmut salient. Russian forces continued heavy shelling, missile attacks, and airstrikes all along the front line. The Russians will likely launch a larger-scale and more determined offensive along the Slovyansk-Siversk-Bakhmut line soon, but there are no indications yet of how soon that attack will begin or exactly where it will focus:
Ukraine Military Summary And Analysis 7/14/22: