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Local obituaries skyrocketing due to clot shot deaths (we warned you this would happen!):
The unproductive class is doing its best to ruin the global economy. This class is made up of politicians, bureaucrats and central bankers that have been enabled by a global administrative state expanding at an ever-increasing pace since the end of World War II. Those individuals who make up the unproductive class do not produce anything of value for the world despite what they would like you to think, which is that they are an essential part of order in the world. In fact, the unproductive class should probably be more aptly described as the counterproductive class as everything they do seems to create friction for those who actually bring valuable productive skills and expertise to the world:
Suicidal, insolvent, incompetent, corrupted Western nations beg Russia to NUKE them:
The well prepared will survive the horrors that are being unleashed against humanity. Even as the oblivious, unprepared masses are exterminated by the billions, there will also be billions who survive the carnage, and those people will be among the most resilient and prepared — people who saw what was coming, planned ahead and took action to navigate the chaos:
Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Brags How High Gas Prices Will Force Americans To Accept "Green" Communist Tyranny:
Govt-Manufactured Food Crisis Continues As Frozen Foods To Skyrocket In Price:
Max Igan points out the agenda behind the manufactured collapse of the Western world, how corrupt governmental control freaks will benefit at our demise: [Embed]
Putin Says Russia Will Honor Gas Commitment But Flows Will Drop As Much As 20% Of Capacity:
Ukraine's official holdings of gold collapse as they sell gold for goods:
Top Western media outlet deletes video critical of Ukraine:
New UK Hub To Develop Anti-Drone Laser Weapons As Ukraine War Fuels Demand:
Law Enforcement Is Collapsing In Ukraine:
Russian special military operation in Ukraine continues. Massive strikes of Russian missiles are pounding military are strategic infrastructure facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, especially in response to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU):
On July 19, the Ukrainian military inflicted damage on several command posts of the Russian occupiers, control stations, and logistic support bases on the southern front. In total, the enemy lost 41 soldiers and 12 equipment units: