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7/21/22 Part 1
Hunter Biden text proves Biden family working for Russian and Chinese interests:
Hunter Biden text proves Biden family working for Russian and Chinese interests:
▲ MY COMMENT: The fact nothing will come of this only proves without doubt our whole government and military is completely compromised by foreign actors! Need more proof? Read THIS:
Remember when sanctions on Russia were meant to cripple the country's economy and destroy the ruble, and then all the deep state plans imploded spectacularly as the Russian current account surplus soared to a record, and the ruble hit decade highs? Well, thank China for all that (which the Biden regime will never stand up against as Beijing possesses all that compromising Hunter/Joe information). According to the latest Chinese customs data, Russia held the top spot as China's biggest oil supplier for a second month in June as Chinese buyers (alongside India) cashed in on Moscow's deeply discounted supplies, slashing more costly shipments from Saudi Arabia, which instead target the energy hyperinflation-ravaged wasteland that is Europe:
Senator Rand Paul warned Tuesday that the Senate shockingly rejected his efforts to reaffirm the Constitution as far as declarations of war go, noting that NATO does not have the authority to supersede Congress in the US:
The US Army has indicated it is likely to significantly fall short of its target number of troops over the next two years amid what a top general said were “unprecedented challenges” in attracting, training, and retaining soldiers:
▲ MY COMMENT: I will tell you HOW the US Army can reverse this awful course, but it demands some changes!! #1 you guys must scrap the mandatory covid 'vaccine' policy. Right there alone you lost 30% of your potential recruiting base over that mandate! #2 you absolutely have to remove those in the higher ranks pushing gender policies and LGBTQ++ crap!!! NO ONE WANTS THAT. NO ONE NEEDS THAT. Because of you "going woke" you lost another 50% of your potential recruiting base! #3 The US military has to learn how to stand up to corrupt politicians once in a while and say "Hell no we are not doing this, no we will not go to war for your financial benefit!" Listen, young people ARE NOT going to risk their lives for forced vaccines and a woke agenda, for a cowardly military who can't tell deranged corrupt assholes in govt to shove it sometimes!!! That lost you the last 20% of your potential recruiting base! And if you think you can draft pissed-the-fuck-off disgruntled armed Americans today, I have some bad news for you!!!