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As the war between invading Russian soldiers and defensive Ukrainian troops enters its sixth month, nations around the world have provided billions of dollars worth of military assistance to Kyiv to help defend its sovereignty. That team, known as the EUCOM Control Center-Ukraine/International Donor Coordination Centre, or ECCU/IDCC, oversees the deliveries while also ensuring Ukrainians get properly trained on the received equipment:
Russia conducts missile attack on Odesa seaport a day after signing grain export agreement:
The Russian military has used KUB-BLA loitering munitions to decimate a camp of foreign mercenaries fighting for Kiev forces in the Kherson region:
The Ukrainian military have successfully repulsed enemy assaults towards Verkhniokamianske and Siversk in the Kramatorsk direction:
Ukrainian forces use Stugna missile system to destroy Russian anti-tank platoon: