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Upper middle-income Americans have built up less savings, lost more in the market downturn and face higher average inflation in 2022:
While Blackstone may be preparing to snap up some $50 billion in real estate during the coming crash, a constellation of out-of-state institutional investors, led by private equity firms and real estate investment trusts, have been swooping in to buy mobile home parks - where they've been raising rents and neglecting to perform necessary repairs. In short, corporate vultures are taking advantage of one of the most vulnerable demographics in the country; some 22 million low-income Americans across 43,000 communities - many of whom are elderly and the disabled who are surviving on social security, disability payments and other forms of fixed income. The purchases are putting residents in a bind, since most mobile homes — despite the name — cannot be moved easily or cheaply. Owners are forced to either accept unaffordable rent increases, spend thousands of dollars to move their home, or abandon it and lose tens of thousands of dollars they invested:
MY COMMENT: No one needs to be told by government we are in a recession. In fact, we are not in a recession anymore. America is in the middle of another GREAT DEPRESSION! I am getting sick and tired of "recession this" "recession that" reporting. It is far far worse today and America has far more poverty today than we did during the first great depression! It was simply unreported and swept under the rug!!! EBT Cards ARE the modern "Food Stamps" and millions rely on them today! Worse: At least during the first great depression there were a lot more farmers and ranchers, and the average family knew how to garden, hunt, fish, raise and even butcher livestock to eat. Today you have cities full of people who have next to no skills what-so-ever that rely on the supply chain for everything! Imagine what happens when the supply chain fully breaks down and we face hyperinflation! You see all those mainstream articles promoting cannibalism today? That's exactly what these despotic criminals want for your future!!