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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently announced that his government is investigating the possibility of not shutting down the country’s last three nuclear power plants this year, contrary to previous plans and the campaign promise of their coalition partner. The worsening consequences of the artificially generated European energy crisis through political blunders could mean a serious loss of face for the Green Party, whose politicians and intellectuals have been demanding the shutdown of nuclear power plants for many years:
“The issue of the risk of power cuts in France does not date from the war in Ukraine, and on several occasions in recent years, RTE, the EDF subsidiary responsible for transporting electricity, had warned of potential risks of power cuts. France has committed crazy amounts of money to renewable energies and, at the same time, neglected the maintenance and development of our nuclear power plants. Nuclear reactor shutdowns due to corrosion problems are a consequence of this situation. In 2021, our country was an exporter of electricity; this year we will have to import a lot. Our leaders’ lack of long-term vision, as they did not see this energy crisis coming even though it started long before the war in Ukraine, has led us to an absurd situation where we will have to consider electricity rationing for the first time in 40 years.”
The chance of “widespread civil unrest” occurring in the UK as a result of people being unable to afford to pay their bills due to the cost of living crisis is “inevitable,” according to one campaigner. With energy prices set to soar even higher in October as a result of the sanctions on Russia, many Brits have resolved to refuse to pay their bills as part of a growing backlash some are comparing to the poll tax riots: