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8/7/22 Part 3
More than 80 mercenaries from Zelensky’s International Legion and 470 Ukrainian personnel have been taken out, Moscow said:
"In the Voznesensk area of the Nikolaev region an arsenal that stored 45,000 tons of ammunition recently supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by NATO countries has been destroyed,” the ministry stated, adding that Russian forces eliminated five other ammo depots:
Ukrainian Armed Forces marines have destroyed some 15 Russian soldiers and an enemy arms depot over the past day according to Ukrinform, the press service of the Ukrainian Navy:
Rumors have it a Russian Lieutenant colonel, Gorban Nikolai Alexandrovich, who served Assad's military in Syria was killed in Ukraine:
A Russian talk show host claimed that 100,000 North Korean “volunteers” are ready to assist in Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine:
Russian forces launched a new wave of forced "mobilisation" on the Russian-occupied territories of Donbas on 1 August in order to staff mobilisation reserve units:
Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 06.08.2022: