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9/9/22 Part 2
Pentagon Quietly Deployed Deadliest Artillery Shells in US Inventory to Ukraine:
On September 9, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue their offensive operations in the Kharkov region. They managed to break through Russian defences in several areas on the front lines and develop their bridgehead. On the evening of September 8, President Zelensky claimed Ukrainian control of the town of Balakleya, which became the main target of the first phase of the Ukrainian offensive:
Dmitry Peskov, the press-secretary of the President of Russia, refused to comment on the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the occupied territories of Ukraine:
Ukrainian successes on the Kharkiv City-Izyum line are creating fissures within the Russian information space and eroding confidence in Russian command to a degree not seen since a failed Russian river crossing in mid-May. Ukrainian military officials announced that Ukrainian forces advanced 50km deep into Russian defensive positions north of Izyum on September 8, but the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) notably did not issue any statement regarding Ukrainian advances in Kharkiv Oblast. Ukrainian successes and the Russian MoD’s silence prompted many Russian milbloggers to criticize and debate Russian failures to retain control over the city of Balakliya, approximately 44km northwest of Izyum. Some milbloggers claimed that Russian forces fully or partially withdrew from Balakliya in good order, while others complained that Ukrainian forces beat Russian forces out of the settlement. Others noted that Rosgvardia units operating in the area did not coordinate their defenses or have sufficient artillery capabilities to prevent Ukrainian counterattacks in the region. Milbloggers warned about an impending Ukrainian counteroffensive northwest of Izyum for days prior to Ukrainian advances, and some milbloggers noted that Russian command failed to prepare for “obvious and predictable” Ukrainian counteroffensives: