Biden EO and Pfizer Assholes: Humanity Going Down the Tubes Faster Each Day Tardus 09/19/2022 (Mon) 09:12 Id: d3a11c No.19001 del
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>A movie without a single jew.

I had to bump a great idea but also add "not run by muslims because they hate the jew but are as bad. IMHO Mohammed was an ersatz rabbi, a rogue they decided to corral and use at that time, to use their money and power against Europe. They used Mohammed and the khans as weapons, all the while empowering themselves for their 'time' now when they reign supreme, and Biden their puppet can usher in an EO on 'transhumanism' which is totally kalergi UN "KILL HUMANITY" protocol. It is actually happening and where are those bow riders we have had to tolerate on this voyage for the past fifty plus years??? Fuck muslims and jews.