Power is What You Do With It Tardus 09/19/2022 (Mon) 18:33 Id: f1bb08 No.19008 del
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Excellent comments, but let's get a thread going on this: Kikes lied to all of us about power, whilest coveting and gaining power. As to solar panels, keep them covered, I have only one right now, thjinking of getting another but yes, sun destroys them (see pic) ...Also as to deep cels, AGM Acid Gel Mat is what I have and again, only one of them. The key in being able to fight, is to have low needs, and high readiness. Anyone who need too much power is a problem, heh. Be like Herman Munster, Christian, humble, forthright with death, fearing nothing, and drag racing on the weekends.

On subject of thread, please notice I have 95% governed myself and contributed zero jailbait or shitposting to this thread, I want that self restraint given creedence by the judges. Having said that, here is a real woman with restraint and dignity, and also, her niece Marylin wasn't so bad either, although they all thought her a hideously ugly beast. Where do we find true beauty and or power?